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TEDxMileHigh | June 22, 2019
Let's archive everything on Earth - before it's too late
CBS Sunday Morning | January 2018
Curse of the "Lost City of the Monkey God"?
National Geographic Explorer | November 14, 2015
Legend of the Monkey God
CCTV-America Interview | July 2015
Ancient city discovered below jungle in Honduras

The Earth Archive Project Episode #94 Jan, 2020
Weather Geeks, The Weather Channel
Scanning Endangered Landscapes & Building An Earth Archive Podcast #46, Nov, 2019
Sustainable Jungle
Finding the Future From the Past, September 27, 2019
The Sustainable Futures Report
Finding the Future From the Past, September 27, 2019
Colorado Public Radio Colorado Matters with Ryan Warner, October 4, 2018
CSU prof: LiDAR and Global Warming
ABC Australia Science Podcast with Robyn Williams
Ancient City Discovered in Central America
National Public Radio Morning Edition with Renee Montagne | March 10, 2015
Explorers Discover Ancient Lost City In Honduran Jungle
Colorado Public Radio Colorado matters with Ryan Warner | March 10, 2015
CSU prof: Ancient Honduran civilization more compelling than 'White City' myths

Nautilus | January 30 2020
These Maps Reveal Earth's Unspoiled Places
Sapiens | December 11 2019
Why The Earth Must Be Mapped
The GuardianĀ | October 11 2019
Ultimate Gift to Future Generations: Plan to Laser Map All Land On Earth
The Colorado Sun | September 4 2019
Colorado State University is Fast- Forwarding Archaeology with Tech To Help Future Researchers Understand Today's Earth
Christian Science Monitor | October 2018
A Laser Revolution: How lidar is Changing the Way We See the World
Guardian| February 2018
Laser scanning reveals 'lost' ancient Mexican city 'had as many buildings as Manhattan'
SPIE Magazine | October 2018
Earth Angel: Chris Fisher's Latest Expedition
The New Yorker | January 2017
An Ancient City Emerges in a Remote Rain Forest, Douglas Preston
Science AAAS News | October 2016
Green Hell Has Long Been A Home To Humans, A. Curry
National Geographic News | January 2016
Excavation of Ancient Lost City Yields New Finds, Douglas Preston
National Geographic News | February 2016
See New Discoveries at the Mysterious City of the Jaguar, Douglas Preston
National Geographic | October 2015
Lure of the Lost City, Douglas Preston
National Geographic News | March 2015
Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest, Douglas Preston
BBC Future | November 2014
LiDAR Shines a Light on Hidden Sites, Curt Hopkins
The New Yorker |
The El Dorado Machine, Douglas Preston
ARS Technica | March 2012
Indiana Jones goes geek: Laser-mapping LiDAR revolutionizes archaeology, Curt Hopkins

Academic Presentations
Colorado State University | September 2013
Archaeology From The Sky
CyArk 2013 conference London | November 2013
Under the LiDAR