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TEDxMileHigh | June 22, 2019
Let's archive everything on Earth - before it's too late
CBS Sunday Morning | January 2018
Curse of the "Lost City of the Monkey God"?
National Geographic Explorer | November 14, 2015
Legend of the Monkey God
CCTV-America Interview | July 2015
Ancient city discovered below jungle in Honduras

Colorado Public Radio Colorado Matters with Ryan Warner, October 4, 2018
CSU prof: LiDAR and Global Warming
ABC Australia Science Podcast with Robyn Williams
Ancient City Discovered in Central America
National Public Radio Morning Edition with Renee Montagne | March 10, 2015
Explorers Discover Ancient Lost City In Honduran Jungle
Colorado Public Radio Colorado matters with Ryan Warner | March 10, 2015
CSU prof: Ancient Honduran civilization more compelling than 'White City' myths


Christian Science Monitor | October 2018
A Laser Revolution: How lidar is Changing the Way We See the World
Guardian| February 2018
Laser scanning reveals 'lost' ancient Mexican city 'had as many buildings as Manhattan'
SPIE Magazine | October 2018
Earth Angel: Chris Fisher's Latest Expedition
The New Yorker | January 2017
An Ancient City Emerges in a Remote Rain Forest, Douglas Preston
Science AAAS News | October 2016
Green Hell Has Long Been A Home To Humans, A. Curry
National Geographic News | January 2016
Excavation of Ancient Lost City Yields New Finds, Douglas Preston
National Geographic News | February 2016
See New Discoveries at the Mysterious City of the Jaguar, Douglas Preston
National Geographic | October 2015
Lure of the Lost City, Douglas Preston
National Geographic News | March 2015
Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest, Douglas Preston
BBC Future | November 2014
LiDAR Shines a Light on Hidden Sites, Curt Hopkins
The New Yorker |
The El Dorado Machine, Douglas Preston
ARS Technica | March 2012
Indiana Jones goes geek: Laser-mapping LiDAR revolutionizes archaeology, Curt Hopkins

Academic Presentations
Colorado State University | September 2013
Archaeology From The Sky
CyArk 2013 conference London | November 2013
Under the LiDAR